Get an in-depth analysis of your file server

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SISCIN provides a wide variety of reports, which allows you to view files by age, size, extension type, duplicates as well as owner across all servers.  All reports can be exported to HTML or Excel.

INSTALLATION is as easy as 1,2,3

No infrastructure to delpoy and no hybrid hardware required!  The only software to install is a small agent that will run on your Windows File Servers.  It only takes minutes to download and install. SISCIN support is available if you need assistance.


  • Snapshots can be run on a schedule to ensure reporting is up to date and accurate allowing analysis of storage trends.
  • Secure, Efficient and Compliant – All communication between SISCIN and Server Agents are encrypted and compressed.


100% FREE - No Obligation*

* Your free file server analysis trial is limited to analysis of the first TB of data.

Starting at only $119 per month!